Global Growth Continues for Turkish Company Segmentify

A member company of the Alacrity Turkey start-up fund, Segmentify has developed technology to deliver personalized, relevant suggestions and recommendations to ecommerce customers through multiple marketing channels including personalized push notifications and emails. The purpose is to enable client businesses to increase online sales, customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

The company continues to evolve its machine-learning-based SaaS platform and increase its market penetration. By the end of last Quarter, Segmentify increased its customer base by 10% and covered 16 countries including large markets in Germany and the UK. This customer growth yielded an increase of 25% in Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR — a key SaaS industry metric).

Proving the ability to meet the scale and ROI demands of global brands, Segmentify “onsite personalization widgets” were used to improve 13.32 billion online shopping experiences and helped generate £412 million in targeted sales for clients in 2018.

Ergin Eroğlu, CEO of Segmentify, commented on these results, saying, “With our new products, we provide clients with an omni-channel personalization platform that allows them to build individual but unified relationships with their customers on multiple marketing channels. Email campaigns are still a strong tactic, and they are a great way to keep in touch with customers and remind them about their favourite products. However, now that everyone is doing that, leading brands are looking for ways to differentiate their marketing programs. And our ecommerce personalization capabilities are among the best new tools.”

The Segmentify platform lets clients choose from 10 preset customer outreach scenarios (e.g., Abandoned Cart Reminders,. Order Follow-Up notes, etc.) and then tailor each message from there. As noted above, Push Notifications — messages that pop up on mobile devices automatically — are another key feature of the platform. These messages are simple to create, can be sent at any time, and customers don’t have to be in a specific application or even using their devices to receive them.

These characteristics caused Push Notifications to rank in the Top 5 for marketing channel effectiveness in 2018. They provided the highest ROI compared to other tactics, and in some examples, added a 4% uplift to client online revenues. Of course, like all digital tactics, they must be deployed strategically to yield such results. And to help achieve this, the Segmentify platform offers both personalized and segmented Push Notification features, including 10 different self-triggering ‘scenarios’ for use (customizable campaign variables such as defined send-times, frequency caps, campaign lifecycles and more).

More information about this growing company and its platform can be found on the website.