Modelled for Global Success

The Entrepreneurial Journey

Since the first program in 2009, Alacrity Global and its international Foundations and Funds have been driven to promote technological entrepreneurship and innovation.  In the process, they have launched and accelerated dozens of new companies.  They have created hundreds of employment opportunities and hundreds of millions of dollars in positive economic impact.

As each new Fund is introduced, these same opportunities are repeated for new entrepreneurs, in existing areas of the Alacrity ecosystem and in new global locations.  The following are some of the program elements used to create success in these initiatives.

The Alacrity entrepreneurship model is tailored to early-stage technology start-ups.  It has been refined over many years and many companies, as stated above.  Consistent in the model is the ongoing support from Wesley Clover, going beyond lead investment to include access to experienced mentors and resources, to existing portfolio products and intellectual property, to lead customer opportunities, and to global channel and partner introductions.  Each of these is critical to the success of a start-up firm, and having them integrated into our unique model provides the start-ups with better than average chances of competitive success.

One-month boot camp

Recruits accepted into one of the global Alacrity programs experience an important early-step in their entrepreneurial journey – they attend a one-month focused Boot Camp at the Wesley Clover headquarters in Ottawa, Canada.  Find out more about this key educational and networking program.

Insight, Advice and Support

Another key feature of the Alacrity program is access to insight, advice and support from executives at existing portfolio companies.  In many cases, that support includes access via programming interfaces to integrate with and leverage elements of their existing product suite.  Find out more about this unique opportunity to jump-start complementary new technology solutions.

Ready to get started?

If all this makes you want to become an entrepreneurial leader in one of our start-ups, select the Ecosystem link in the footer below, select your location from our interactive map, and use the Contact Us form provided there to send us an email.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.