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Recent Developments

This fall the team at Wesley Clover and Alacrity Global had the pleasure of welcoming eleven new entrepreneurs to Ottawa, Canada as part of our third Alacrity Global Bootcamp Program: Florent, Axel, Théo, Alix, Loïc, Hamza, Vianney, Violette and Gauthier came across from Alacrité France in Lille, and Thomas and Miguel came from Alacrity México. The month-long bootcamp consists of…

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Overview of Alacrity

  • More than $50M USD invested.


  • More than $28M USD external investment attracted, from 10 investment groups.


  • 21 new companies founded.


  • 15 companies have outside investment.


  • More than $5.0M USD quarterly revenues being generated.


  • More than 300 new jobs created.


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