English Ninjas Provides a Solution to a Global Demand

English Ninjas, one of the Turkey-based Alacrity companies, has created an online portal and mobile application for acquiring one-on-one English-language teaching services. Customers speak with and learn from trained tutors at any time, from anywhere. It is an innovative approach to the English-asa- second-language education market, using a model similar to that now deployed worldwide in another industry by UBER.

English Ninjas does not operate any schools or other teaching facilities. It does not employ dozens of teachers. Instead the software they have built manages the interactions between students of all ages and proficiencies around the globe who wish to improve their English speaking skills, and similarly dispersed English-speaking tutors. The mobile- and web-based app offers video or voice-only engagement between student and tutor, and the curriculums and testing sessions that are aligned to the individual pace of each student. Students select the topics they wish to use for their learning, based on their own interests, professions or objectives. They select the tutor(s) they want to work with — one or many. They even choose the mutually agreeable schedule they wish to follow — 7/24/365. Tutors and students are both evaluated automatically after each session to ensure the learning objectives are met and the teaching quality is maintained at the highest levels.

Customers (students) download the English Ninjas application from the Apple App Store or Android Google Play Store. They then register with the system and subscribe to the monthly service package they want (selecting topics, frequency, etc.). Payment is done by credit card and charged every month until the customer cancels.

A disruptive new approach to a traditional service industry. And the results are impressive. Students received more than 8250 hours of live training last Quarter, an increase of 43% from the previous period. Revenues for the company increased by 20% over the same timeframe. Most of that revenue is currently being generated from students in Turkey, Brazil, South Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia, but as these demographics and the system architecture prove, there are no limits to where the services can be delivered and consumed. The team is also about to launch a variant of the platform for teaching English to children.

Look for further updates on this exciting new company, and see for yourself online at englishninjas.com.