Diskyver Brings Cybersecurity To Ip Phone Systems

Based in Lille, France, portfolio start-up Diskyver is a Software-as-a-Service solution designed to monitor and defend IP business telephone systems from cyberattacks. Enterprises worldwide are vulnerable to such attacks today, even though they do not grab the headlines in the same way that prominent computer network or database breaches do. As we connect more devices of all types to the internet, threats are only rising, and perhaps understandably, the attacks are targeting platforms which are outside the main focus of most cybersecurity firms.

Business telephony is definitely one of these. Some reports suggest as much as $30B is now lost each year to cyberattacks on phone systems. In large part, this is due to the massive migration to the VoIP technology behind modern systems, and also the fact that securing these systems against network attack was rarely considered a requirement. While not attempts to steal and resell private customer data or proprietary IP, attacks do include toll fraud on significant scales (routing chargeable calls over unsuspecting systems), launching robocall programs from innocent businesses, and yes, creating denialof-service scenarios which paralyze the phone system until a ransom is paid.

Diskyver has applied some of the latest advances in machine-learning technology to address these risks. The software monitors and establishes a baseline of “normal” office system behavior within a client enterprise, and then stands on guard to detect and raise an alert if/when something abnormal begins to take place. The company now has an all-important reference customer to aide in its broader marketing efforts, and they continue to refine the solution with additional features and capabilities. We will continue to report on the growth of this new company in future issues of Q. diskyver.com