Martello Drives Business Growth with Microsoft through GSX Solutions Acquisition

The changing global environment has fast-tracked new technology adoption. As the Software-as-a-Service cloud application market increases exponentially and global businesses shift to remote work models, the performance of cloud digital services like Microsoft Office 365, Mitel Unified Communications and others has become critical. Quality assurance and Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) are vital.

The DEM market encompasses solutions that test, alert and report on the end-user experience of the applications being used. As the digitalization of business and the workforce evolves, this market is forecast to increase to USD 3.7 billion by 2023. Portfolio company Martello (TSXV: MTLO), a provider of DEM solutions to Mitel and others and deployed in more than 5,000 large enterprise networks around the world, recently completed the acquisition of GSX Solutions – a strategic move to drive business with the biggest SaaS provider in the world: Microsoft. Read the Wesley Clover I/O blog to learn more.