CultureVate Secures another Large Customer Win

CulturVate, a portfolio company in the Wesley Clover Innovation Centre in the UK, was selected by the UK National Health Service (NHS) during the Quarter to help boost internal communications. The NHS will introduce the CulturVate cloud-based Teamphoria platform to their workforce as a mechanism to build, measure and grow the internal corporate culture. The software will be distributed initially into each Hospital and Surgery Clinic in Wales.

Teamphoria increases internal communication between different organizational departments and management levels through a desktop or mobile application. It is particularly useful in organizations with multiple locations. The NHS selected the tool as a means of more quickly and efficiently connecting and engaging their workforce on a professional level. This will enable the NHS to be more proactive around staffing requirements, involving staff in those plans and activities directly. The follow-on objective is to help improve employee retention and reduce sick rates and industrial actions.

The NHS is one of the largest employers in the UK, making this new relationship a key one for CulturVate. The two parties are also exploring opportunities to test a sister-product from CulturVate, called the Innovation Engine, which enables industry professionals to innovate more easily and effectively, helping their company grow from within. We look forward to this being the start of a long and mutually beneficial partnership, and to many more CulturVate customer wins as well.