Alacrity Global Boot Camp

A one-month educational and networking program held at Wesley Clover headquarters in Ottawa, Canada.

Boot Camp Snapshot

The Alacrity Boot Camp was created with several key objectives in mind, including:

  • Assist young entrepreneurs in their transition to start-up employment.
  • Accelerate their integration into the global technology industry.
  • Immerse them in an aggressive curriculum that spans the range of skills required to become a technology company leader.
  • Enhance their learning with direct stories of success and failure from serial entrepreneurs who have walked this road before them.
More than 20 workshops, with experienced mentors and existing company executives, create an environment for professional development.  This is balanced with personal time and opportunities for networking and attending additional relevant events.  Mandatory preparation work is required prior to the Camp, homework assignments are given during the sessions, and feedback reports are collected during and at the end of the month.  As noted, this is meant to be an intensive four weeks, but if the following comments are an indication, it is time well spent.
Alacrité France

The past month underlined the importance of the Alacrity Global and Wesley Clover network for me. I learned that no matter which person you need to get in touch with for your project, you are not alone. You are likely to find a very experienced and knowledgeable contact to help in the Alacrity ecosystem.

Alacrity Mexico

There is genuine interest in helping us all, seeing us grow and succeed!

Alacrity Turkey

The guidance and support we continue to receive from Alacrity Global and the Wesley Clover teams are unrivaled by any other investment entity I’ve seen.  And the month-long boot camp in Canada definitely helped me and my co-founders shape the future of our start-up toward stronger success.