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Alacrity Model and Programs

The Alacrity ‘business model’ has been proven over a number of years and in a number of disparate global locations. It is a model that starts with the experience and lead investment of Wesley Clover, and adds three critical components for success: like-minded local partners, local business and technology academia and local governments and programs. Consistently, this is a winning recipe. More details can be found here.

That said, each combination of partners brings unique resources, requirements and objectives to the table. Including cultural or regional factors in some cases. Evidence lies in the unique ‘charitable incubator’ approach deployed in Alacrity U.K., which provides participating entrepreneurs business opportunities and funding on more of a ‘grant’ and structured program basis than a traditional ‘investment for equity and return’ arrangement. Or in the unique ‘Investor Readiness’ program offered out of Alacrity Canada, which extends services to already-established regional technology companies to assist them in securing additional external financing.

These examples illustrate the ability of Alacrity executives to adapt the programs offered to the specific needs and opportunities of the local environment. Consistency comes in the focus on early-stage technology start-up firms and their local entrepreneurs (i.e., the Entrepreneurship@Alacrity programs). Another common, albeit not mandatory, focus is on software and SaaS technology, and on solutions in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry. These are areas where the resources behind Alacrity have the most experience, connections and strengths, maximizing opportunities for success.

For more information on specific Alacrity programs, visit the local Alacrity websites shown in our Ecosystem.

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