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Top Takeaways from the CB Insights MoneyTree report on Q4 2018

What’s in a Term Sheet? 13 Key Terms Every Startup Founder Should Know

Every startup founder wants to impress their potential investors. Most often this is done by demonstrating knowledge, competence, and results - but sometimes, the desire to…

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SaaS- Option OR Necessity?

The following article is written by Gaurav Bansal, Principal at Alacrity India. Gaurav goes back to some basics and offers great reminders as to why…

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Digital Innovations in Physical Security

What is Physical Security? Physical security refers to the protection of a company’s assets from physical damage, harm, theft, or unauthorized access. The assets being…

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Mobile infrastructure provides extensive opportunity in India

“The economic opportunities linked to SMEs are significant: ICT and mobile technology sectors are growing rapidly in developing countries…” -World Bank, 2016 As infrastructure and…

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How the Cloud Could Affect Your Company

Innovation in the world of computing is constant. Each day, new ideas drive the development of apps, products, and services. This consistent progression, especially in…

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Market Research in the Age of Machine Learning

The boom in advertising during the Golden Age of Radio sparked a focus and investment into market research which has continued to thrive and expand…

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