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About Alacrity

The word “alacrity” means brisk and cheerful readiness. This definition, the combination of resources behind it, and a shared vision to create significant local and global economic and social impact, propel the Alacrity ecosystem forward. Numerous companies have already graduated successfully from the technology start-up and funding model, and others are being identified and brought on line.

The first Alacrity incubator/accelerator (Alacrity Canada) was formed in British Columbia in 2009. It combined the significant expertise and resources of Wesley Clover International ( in a non-profit partnership with the University of British Columbia that leveraged innovation programs from both the Federal and the BC Provincial governments to select, fund and grow entrepreneurial technology companies.

The university created a Masters academic program around the initiative, and Wesley Clover provided investment funds, an operational model and access to skilled mentors. Equity in the companies that graduated successfully from the program was split between the entrepreneurs/employees, the fund, the University and Wesley Clover, providing the opportunity for follow-on returns that would make the fund self-sustaining.

Many of the start-up firms from that original fund continue to operate and grow today, and an Investor Readiness program introduced later helps a broad range of established tech companies that are ready for further investment get connected with an extensive network of domestic and foreign venture capital investors.

The Alacrity model was then replicated in South Wales, but with a different business model – that of a charitable incubator using corporate partner and government contributions to provide seed funding and create technology entrepreneurship opportunities for local engineering and business school graduates. The Alacrity Foundation is the only such charitable technology incubator in Europe.

A for-profit model – providing seed funding and growing firms with a definite eye on commercialization and meaningful exits – was then deployed in Istanbul, Turkey, with partners, government programs, mentors/advisors and post-secondary graduates there. In this case, the fund was named the Netas-Wesley Clover Technology Fund, but the Alacrity model and supporting resources were consistent, and at least four of the start-up companies are now busy expanding globally. The fund has since been rebranded as Alacrity Turkey.

Since then, the flexible Alacrity model has been introduced to France, India and Mexico, and other global locations are under development or consideration.

Each regional fund is or will be operating with the requisite degree of local autonomy and flexibility, as determined by the local partners and Board of Directors that is set up to manage each operation. While there is no legal connection between each of the funds, and they may deploy similar or different programs, they are all key constituents of the global Alacrity ecosystem. Consistent in this is the ongoing support provided by Wesley Clover, going beyond lead investment to include access to experienced resources, extended portfolio products and intellectual property, lead customer opportunities, and global channel and partner introductions.

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